Our Story

Praneel and Sneha own PDP DesignWorks, a business they started together as parents of two toddlers. A great bond between them leads to the success of the company.

Presence and Bond are words that are important to us both, and we believe, to all of us. At PDP DesignWorks we believe that, the essence of a brand is its bond that creates an expectation of quality and consistency, which adds value to its products and services.

Having a proactive management style and highly developed analytical and problem-solving abilities is one of our strengths. You will find our ability to supervise and execute all aspects of an event, from the conception of the initial idea to the event’s very last detail, highly appealing.

Why Us
Our experienced artists and creative designers work directly with you, unlike other big agencies. Every brand has its own story and serves its own target audience. We strive to bring up this uniqueness of your brand and create work that compels your customer’s heart and equally engages his emotional and logical brain.
Working principles
We make your brand our brand and then start working on it to give exclusive results. With our consultative approach, we understand your brand's specific requirements and turn your ideas into a reality.